Rekenstad (Arithmetic-city)

Arithmetic game for children



Let's design a solution for children who have difficulty with learning arithmetic because of a mental disorder. Let's design a educational game for the children that makes learning addictive and fun, because learning has never been much fun for them.


Concept, Storytelling, Game Design, Visual Design, Animation

The problem

Some children have a neurocognitive developmental disorder from birth. You could see this as the problem, but you could also look at society. Can they come along at the pace at school? Most children do not. They lag behind in different areas, even when they go to special education. For the assignment is chosen to focus on the arithmetic area.


After many brainstorms and iterations the arithmetic city (or in Dutch "Rekenstad") got shape. The children like to build something. By having them build their own city through assignments, they get small rewards to build their city. This way they stay motivated, because the minigames in the city are becoming a little more difficult each time. The design of the city is isometric and flat.

rekenstad 1

The almost mature arithmetic city.

Physical controller

Working on a computer or tablet is a difficult task for some children. Therefore a physical controller is created. The child plays the game by using the controller. Through animations in the game it is made clear how you can use the controller for a mini-game. This instructions are supported by bright colors to give more clarity. The controller was build out of wood and the electronics where done with Makey-Makey and Arduino. LED's behind the buttons gave visual feedback during the minigames and introduction screens.

rekenstad 2

Introduction screen of the game.

The game has been tested on a test day at one of the Kentalis locations. The children really liked the physical controller and the looks of the game. It was a great success and we really got positive energy from the children to develop it further. Unfortunately, the projects due date was reached.

rekenstad 3

Left: Boat minigame introduction screen. | Right: Train minigame introduction screen.

Watch the arithmetic city video (in dutch). It contains footage from the visual controller and gameplay.