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Product detail page redesign


A product page is one of the importest pages within a webshop. At the pearl izumi webshop was discovered that people leave the page quickly, many scrolling on the page and often did not find what they were looking for. That is why an investigation has started on this page. Eventually a new page design was created.


UX/UI, Interaction Design, Visual Design, E-commerce

  • Client

    Pearl Izumi
  • Date

  • Technology

    Card sorting, Smarty, Photoshop
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    Mobile / Desktop


The customer service of Pearl Izumi received a lot of product questions. Many products were returned with the reason that the product did not match expectations. Through Hotjar, a heatmap and page insights tool, it was striking that visitors were often lost on the product detail page. This page was therefore presented to visitors with an assignment and it was asked to think aloud. It was thought that the information provided on the page was not sufficient.

"I can't find the trouser that match with this t-shirt. When I scroll down, I can't see the trouser at the related products below. Let's go back to all products. Let's filter on some attributes. (five seconds later) Uhm... Where is the trouser? I can't find it. I leave the webshop."

A Pearl Izumi visitor

Research with user tests and cart sorting

It soon became clear that this page needed some changes. But how will these changes look? To gain more information about what users expect from this page, user tests and cart sorting session were done. This gave a good impression of what information is important for the visitor. It also showed that some information, even though presented on the page, wasn't found.


Usertest (heatmap of a PDP) and cart sorting session with product attributes

pearlizumipdp 1

Evaluation of information that is presented on the PDP

pearlizumipdp 2

Wireframes during a brainstorm about the hierarchy of product information

Redesign product detail page

The results of the research led to a redesign of the PDP.

The page design is released late 2018. Since then there were less customer service questions related to product information, and returns of products with sufficient product information are reduced. The goal for next year is to add more and more product information and product combinations.
To see the design for mobile and desktop yourself, please use the provided prototype links.

pearlizumipdp 3

Final PDP design (desktop)