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Hi, my name is Joey van Gessel. I have a passion for digital design, a Master in Digital Design and a Bachelor in Communication and Multimedia design.
You could say I love designing ;-)

I’m designing for and developing in the digital world. I help with boosting the results of digital expressions and assets with a versatile experience in marketing, e-commerce and development. As a generalizing specialist I know my way around coding, UI/UX, visual design, CRO, tracking and process & planning. Besides all this, I like to make people dance as a DJ.

My first career worthy job was for the e-commerce department of Ingram Micro. Help them design and optimize B2C and B2B webshops. With all the e-commerce knowledge I gained I decided to co-found the Cordic webshop which brought me a lot of enterpreneur insights. After a while I felt I wanted to discover the startup world and started working at Floryn where I created and ran experiments on marketing assets.

In the meanwhile I decided to start offering my services as a freelancer, helping companies boost their digital expressions and assets as a digital designer with a passion for the growth hacking mindset.

Are you interested in what I can do for your company? Let me know. We can explore the possibilities in a call or message..


job van den wildenberg testimonial for joey van gessel

Job van den Wildenberg

Head of Marketing at Academica University of Applied Sciences

Joey is a remarkable guy. At the age of 23 he has managed to amass a skillset many 40 year olds can’t match, ranging from design and UX to development and project management. He has a keen sense of design and UX. Continuously doing research, seeking out new and improved ways to deliver the best possible result for both end user and company.

On top of that, Joey has impressive tech skills. A valuable mix of front end developer and growth hack abilities allow him to fully develop, analyse and improve on his own designs. Whatever the challenge, Joey will find a way to ship it. Add advanced projectmanagement skills and a helpful, laid back and humorous personality to the mix and you end up with one hell of a guy to have on your team!

camiel roex testimonial for joey van gessel

Camiel Roex

Interem Head of Growth, Growth Marketing Strategy & Coaching

I've worked together with Joey on our growth experimentation at Floryn for a little over a year now. It's crazy how much relevant work experience someone as young as Joey already has. At Floryn he took up the responsibility to establish a mature, agile way of working, using JIRA for our project management. He implemented JIRA on his own, completely relieving the head of marketing of this task. Talking about internal processes, he also implemented our brand management software, to make sure everything everyone always needed was to be found in one spot.

Joey can use his design and UX knowledge not only to create a better experience for the user but also to make sure that conversion rates go up. All this without losing the human touch. Joey would often send me new things he was learning during his master Digital Design, especially topics about the impact of design to bring forth real change in the world.

Joey does things from a Growth mindset, experimenting with different hypotheses until he finds something that sticks. One of the things I liked most about Joey is that he doesn't care about having to throw away code that he wrote because an experiment didn't turn out successful. He'll happily go on to the next experiment and start over, where many people here would commit the sunk cost fallacy, wanting to hold on to something just because they invested resources into it. Joey is always looking forward, thinking about solutions instead of problems. When there doesn't seem to be a way, Joey will find a way, even if it has to be a bit hacky sometimes.

At Floryn, Joey built a complete tool stack for companies looking for investments, this includes calculators for Return on Investment, Cost of a loan, Quickscan, Max. financing amount, etc. All of them are completely tracked to monitor performance.

I found Joey to be a very T-shaped marketeer, with the depth of knowledge in design, front-end, javascript applications, automation, and process management. In short: I will miss working together with Joey, not only because he's a great human being, but also because finding someone who can do all the things he can do is nearly impossible.

gabriele ferri testimonial for joey van gessel

Gabriele Ferri

Head of program (M.Sc. Digital Design) at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Joey is a talented designer and a social person whom I’m certain will find the best way to work in diverse and interdisciplinary teams. I would say that UX/UI is where, at the moment, Joey has the most experience in but – as I observed him work with his fellow students – I wouldn’t be surprised to see him evolve into a product owner or team manager. For a practical project at the MDD / HvA, Joey and his team proactively contacted Lab111 (a cultural institution in Amsterdam) and self-organized an exhibition event to showcase their work, which was an interactive installation on the effects of the current climate emergency and used depth-sensing cameras to adapt the graphics on a screen to the actions of an audience in the room. I have to applaud Joey’s tenacity in aligning all the stakeholders involved in this project and in keeping his team motivated and on top of things. This is just one example of why I believe that, in the medium term, he could evolve in an effective product owner.

Joey is a level-headed, pleasant, and social person with whom it’s easy to have productive conversations. In times of Covid, Joey was able to work remotely with efficiency and calm, and he was also able to make the most out of the few occasions for in-person cooperation.


My portfolio items are currently under construction. If you would like to see my work, please contact me so I can send you some work or/and show some work in a call.


My qualities

But... how?

Q: How do you know this Joey?
A: These qualities are assigned to me by colleagues, teachers and fellow students in soft skill card sessions.

  • Serious

  • Empathetic

  • Self-management

  • Dedicated/Ambitious

  • Reliable

  • Modest

  • Responsible

  • Rich of initiatives

  • Calm

  • Helpful


I work as a Marketing & Growth Engineer with a sharp eye on design.

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  • Socrates
    High potential

    Belong to the 10% best performancing students in secondary higher education

  • GO Gamechangers

    Nominated for the Green Office (GO) Gamechangers Award (the most innovative, daring, sweet, special or brave initiative in the field of social, environmental and/or economic sustainability) for the 'Art by us' project.


  • HAVO New Profile Economy and Society

    Maurick College Vught - 2014

  • Propedeuse Communication and Multimedia Design

    Avans Hogeschool s'-Hertogenbosch - 2015

  • Bachelor Communication and Multimedia Design

    Avans Hogeschool s'-Hertogenbosch - 2018

  • Master Digital Design

    Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam - 2021


  • Junior Interaction Designer

    Ingram Micro - 2016 - 2019
    Webshop design and optimization

  • Owner of Gessink V.O.F.

    Gessink V.O.F. - 2017 - 2021
    Cordic webshop & design for clients

  • Marketing & Growth Engineer

    Floryn - 2019 - 2021
    Design and experiment with digital assets

Hard skills

Adobe CC/Figma/Miro60%
70% Complete
70% Complete
80% Complete
70% Complete
70% Complete
90% Complete

To get a complete overview of my toolstack, please visit my Stackshare.

Experience in numbers

7+ years

Of design experience


Lines of code written


Experiments ran


Freelance clients


Different brands


Marketing assets created

Worked for

I have enjoyed working on projects for:

Ingram Micro
Gemeente 's-Hertogenbosch
Diamond Point
Castelijn en Beerens
Civic interaction design



Say hi!
Do you have a question, job opportunity or a project I maybe can help you with? Don't hesitate to contact me.

06 145 715 96

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