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In March 2017 I had the idea to create products that will help the audiovisual professional. I work weekly in the light and sound world and I thought it was time to do things better. 'Cordic' was born during thinking about a brand name and efficient products. It's a brand that helps the mobile DJ's, musicians and light/sound rental companies to improve their workflow. But the brand still had no look and feel, no products and no way to sell the products.


Branding, Interaction Design, Product Design, Visual Design, E-commerce

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    None, self initiated project
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  • Technology

    Woocommerce, Indesign, GA
  • Live URL (dutch webshop)

Brand visuals

The creation of a styleguide started with many creative sessions. Several logo's, fonts, colors and images were tested with the targetgroup. I tested the current logo with someone that represents the targetgroup for example:

"I think this is a technical company that creates cables, it looks solid, maybe something with chains to... It looks like they want to link something."


The blue color stands for technology, serious and reliable. Grey stands for practical, solid and it strengthens other colors. These two colors match the core values of the brand. After the fine-tuning of all the elements a styleguide for design and social was created. It displays how to logo can be used, which fonts and properties to use, available colors and the way product photography most be done. Furthermore it displays which visual elements are available for social, rules for the creation of page and cover posts and the tone of voice.


Page (dutch) of the Cordic styleguide, regarding color use.

Product creation

The main goal of the products for Cordic is to reduce the amount of time and people that are needed to build a show or set-up. The products must be easy to use and be reliable. To reduce the amount of time I focused on cables. Because if you're building or breaking down a set-up most of the time is spend to cables and cable management. That's why I started with different sorts of combined cables. They are produced in the UK by a factory that makes these combinations especially for Cordic.


Combined cables for audiovisual professionals

Selling online

To sell online a webshop was needed. First, I started to design the webshop. The target group finds it important to see technical specs and quality details of the products. The mockups for the shop where based on the styleguide and standard e-commerce functionalities. To build the webshop fast Wordpress and Woocommerce have been used as basis.


Quickly hover on an image to discover it's details

Technical features

Furthermore caching is enabled, CSS/HTML/JS files are combined + minified and SEO optimalization in the technical field is done. Currently I mantain the shop myself.