Marketing automation


metMotion is a marketing company located in Utrecht that mainly makes videos for its customers. Besides video, they also offer other services such as websites, email campaigns and animations. However, these other services were not sold enough after selling a video. They want to keep their customers and encourage cross-selling after a purchase of one of these services. 'Aftercare' accelerates this.
This was a graduation project that I did with Joey van Rooij.


Concept, Interaction Design, Marketing, Storytelling, Visual Design

  • Client

  • Date

  • Technology

    Premiere, Active Campaign, Zappier
  • Project duration

    Five months


The project has started with research. Research has been carried out into how people see metMotion through a questionnaire and personal conversations. This has been done with people who already know the company and people who do not know the company (first impression). Furthermore, together with the employees of the company, we investigated what the true identity of metMotion is, and a brand document was finally added. It turned out that the impressions that people received did not match the identity that wants to radiate with motion.


"I guess this company is a sub-brand of Snipes. Is it a shoeline for sporters?"

A person that saw the metMotion logo (on the right) for the first time and associated it with the Snipes (sneakers and streetwear store).

In addition, the complete visual identity is analyzed on all channels and places. This showed that the identity was very fragmented and looked different in many places. This explained the different impressions that people received.

metmotion 1

The analyzed visual identity of metMotion

The process

Hand in hand with the research started the brainstorming about solutions. The individual ideas were developed and tested as mini prototypes. From guerrilla actions to 360 degree interactive virtual reality tours. Ultimately, much has diverged and converged and the more elaborated prototypes have been mirrored against design criteria. These design criteria arose during the process. Aftercare was the solution that eventually met all criteria.

The Aftercare solution

Aftercare mainly consists of four parts: Formats, Timelines, Flows and Channels.

Watch the Aftercare concept video (in dutch). It contains two simulations with customers.

Aftercare is released in the begin of june 2018 and is still operational today. New formats and timelines are added every month and information in the CRM system keeps on growing. The main goal, make customers aware of the other products that metMotion has to offer, is achieved.

metmotion 2

Examples of (dutch) formats that are used in Aftercare

metmotion 3

Detailed display of a format (dutch content)

metmotion 4

Customers that run through different flows. This screen is taken from the backend where metMotion employees can see where every customer is in a flow.